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Making your own wine with the WonderWine kits is a simple process that only takes a few minutes using the ingredients in the kit, some sugar and a container in which the wine ferments for approximately 4 weeks.

There are three simple methods depending on the container you plan to use - no special equipment is required.

Our patented simple to use home wine kits, include all of the ingredients you need to make your own delicious wine.

You can enjoy quality wine for only pennies a glass. 

Each inexpensive 2 oz. kit makes 4 litres (one full gallon) of delicious home-made wine (12% alcohol/volume). Available in six flavours: 


All you need to add is a few minutes of time, sugar and water. In as little as 4 short weeks, enjoy your own home-made wine! 

Wine and your health

The health benefits of wine translate into good news for wine lovers. Although there is a fine line between healthy drinking and risky drinking, more and more studies are linking cardiovascular health with moderate wine consumption .What is it about wine, particularly red wine that makes it beneficial to your health? Wine is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, which combat cholesterol and other harmful fats. Polyphenols reside in grape skins, seeds and stems and act to protect the fruit from fungi and parasites. 

So, you might ask, why not just drink grape juice? Research indicates that phenols dissipate over time but are stabilized with alcohol. This also suggests that it is better when small quantities are consumed on a frequent basis, rather than in large amounts or only occasionally.

The health benefits of moderate wine consumption are numerous:

•  Wine increases amounts of good cholesterol (HDL) and prevents oxidization of bad cholesterol.

•  Wine significantly reduces the rate of blood clotting/coagulation.

•  Wine significantly reduces stress (a major culprit in heart disease).

•  Wine is not only a flavourful enhancer. It can improve digestion by increasing the flow of stomach acids, which help to extract more nutrients from the food you eat.

Click on the following links and explore the health benefits of moderate wine consumption:

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